Mature-age entry

You might not need an entry scheme

If you have:

  • Completed an associate diploma, diploma, or advanced diploma or hold Year 12 qualifications or equivalent; or
  • Undertaken at least 1 year full time equivalent or eight courses (subjects) at a university or college of advanced education at degree level, at any time

you may already satisfy the minimum admission requirements. contact Admissions for advice.

Mature-age entry at ANU refers to domestic applicants who are 21 or over and do not have assessable qualifications or whose qualifications do not meet the University’s normal entry requirements. Being 21 or older alone does not provide access to study at ANU.

Entry to ANU for all programs is based on an entrance rank.

Eligible applicants who undertake an approved mature-age entry scheme will be assessed on the results of that scheme alone unless subsequent study is undertaken.

Mature-age applicants must apply through the normal application procedure and identify the scheme they have undertaken on their application. 

Mature-age entry schemes administered and accepted by ANU are:

ANU also accepts a limited number of Mature Age entry schemes from other institutions.

Currently accepted schemes are:

Please contact the relevant institution for information on the above schemes.

Choosing an entry scheme

Choose an entry scheme to suit your needs.

  • If you are reasonably confident about basic skills, but think you need to develop those skills further before attempting degree level study, you should consider the University Preparation Scheme (UPS).
  • If your qualifications do not meet minimum entry but you already feel confident about your ability to succeed at degree level study, you should consider the Special Adult Entry Scheme.
  • If you think you need a reasonable amount of assistance in basic skills associated with academic study, you should consider undertaking pre-tertiary studies at the Canberra Institute of Technology or a TAFE Institute in New South Wales or an associate degree.
  • If you are applying for a program, which has subject prerequisites at Year 12 level, eg Information Technology, you should consider doing Abridged Secondary Qualifications or an ACT Year 12 program for Mature Age Students or UPS with maths bridging as your study course. (In some cases, it may be necessary to complete a full Year 12 Certificate program or interstate equivalent, eg to apply for entry to Engineering.)

Choosing the right program is important to your success. If you have questions about these schemes after reading the linked pages above, please contact Admissions for advice.

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