Course credit or exemption

If you have studied in another program at ANU or another university, or you have significant professional experience you may be able to receive credit or an exemption in your current program.

Course credit (status)

Course credit (also known as status) may be granted when you have completed a course (usually at ANU or another university) that is considered to be of the same standard or level as an ANU course.

Credit can be granted as either specified (where the completed course is considered equivalent to a specific ANU course) or unspecified (where the completed course is not considered equivalent to a specific ANU course). Unspecified credit may be approved to count towards a major or minor, or towards the elective component of a program.

When receiving credit, the credit will be given a unit value (usually 6 units per course). The units you receive as credit count towards the unit requirements for your program.

International students should be aware that receiving credit may affect the length of their program, and, if so, a new eCoE will be issued to reflect the revised program end date.

Course exemptions

An exemption may be granted for a course, rather than credit, if you can demonstrate that you have learned and understand the content of that course through previous study or professional experience. Course exemptions are usually only granted for compulsory courses and those which form a prerequisite for other courses.

If you receive a course exemption, no unit value is assigned. This means that the exemption does not count towards the unit or course requirements for your program, nor towards any majors or minors.

In some circumstances students may be exempted from completing a component of a course, rather than the whole course. In this situation students are still required to enrol in the course in order to complete the remaining requirements and gain a formal result. Students will also be liable for the full fee/HECS liability for the course.

How to apply for a course credit or exemption

Applications for credit and exemptions are to be made using the Application for Status form (PDF, 309KB).

If you are starting a new program at ANU and wish to apply for credit or an exemption based on previous studies, then you should apply prior to enrolling for the first time. If you are attending an on-campus enrolment session, you should complete the form and bring it with you (along with academic transcripts) to your session.

If you are applying for credit or an exemption to count towards an ANU program which is in progress (such as for courses taken on exchange), then you should apply as soon as you receive the results for the relevant courses.

Go8 Credit Transfer Agreement

In recognition of the excellence of teaching and research that exists in the Group of Eight universities, members agree to enhance the mobility of students between them by facilitating the transfer of credit earned at their institutions.

The Go8 Credit Transfer Agreement (PDF, 69KB) is based on an acceptance that the assessment regimes at all Group of Eight universities are comparable and transferable.

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